I have been propagating plants most of my life. My first plants were vegetatively propagated from cuttings in grade school. As I got more in-depth knowledge and understanding of plants I advanced into plant tissue culture.

At first, plant tissue culture at home was a daunting task. I needed that Chemistry era math which I had long since forgotten. Gradually, I regained the math part and began to better read the scientific papers published that have the protocols for plant species to be tissue cultured. I explain the math you will use to get into home tissue culture.

Once I learned how to get my explant material sterilized it was all downhill from there. It was the hardest part of plant tissue culture at home. I could easily figure out how many milligrams per liter of each plant growth regulator to use. In the beginning I didn’t know how to get clean explants. After lots of practice and experimenting I found the best way to sterilize explants for home tissue culture. My initiation vessels were no longer getting contaminated. Soon, my Cryptocorynes and Syngonium were multiplying alongside Pothos and Philodendrons.

I had more plants than I knew what to do with. I learned how to skip rooting stages in tissue culture after the multiplication stage. From my years of hydroponics and terrarium keeping I quickly rooted plantlets efficiently.

You can too! I think anyone that can bake a cake can be successful in plant tissue culture. Read the book and you will be able to start your path to success with plant tissue culture.